Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black Green Highlight Method I

I was playing around with finishing up Citadel Familiar (Walking Book) and this actually ended up looking good. You may not have all the colors mentioned. I've been doing this a while and have a lot of OOP (sad face) products.

Thin Orkhide Shade Foundation (GW/Cit) with Thraka Green wash (GW/Cit) and then thin further with a very slight amount of H2O.

Brush this on all the raised areas.

Now add VMC 886 Green-Grey and another slight increase of H2O to the above mix and add to only the highest raised areas.

Brush on Citadel Yellow Glaze after this final highlight has dried. When this initial glaze has dried, do it again.

If you want to give a more greenish hue to the effect, brush on a final coat of Citadel Green Glaze.

Photos of model as soon as I get around to it.

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