Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eldar: Lugganath Craftworld Icon

Nice little article and download over at Bell of Lost Souls. This will come in useful if I ever decide to paint all those ancient Eldar models!

Black Green Highlight Method I

I was playing around with finishing up Citadel Familiar (Walking Book) and this actually ended up looking good. You may not have all the colors mentioned. I've been doing this a while and have a lot of OOP (sad face) products.

Thin Orkhide Shade Foundation (GW/Cit) with Thraka Green wash (GW/Cit) and then thin further with a very slight amount of H2O.

Brush this on all the raised areas.

Now add VMC 886 Green-Grey and another slight increase of H2O to the above mix and add to only the highest raised areas.

Brush on Citadel Yellow Glaze after this final highlight has dried. When this initial glaze has dried, do it again.

If you want to give a more greenish hue to the effect, brush on a final coat of Citadel Green Glaze.

Photos of model as soon as I get around to it.

Vallejo Game Colors gone bad

A word of warning to my fellow painters... Don't let your paints sit around for an extended period of time. I have quite a few bottles of Vallejo Game Color paints that have gone bad. They have turned gummy, chunky, or somewhere in between. So far it's mostly yellows and oranges that are suffering this fate.

Maybe it would be a good idea to at least give them a good shake every couple of weeks and keep the binder and pigment thoroughly mixed. It might also be advantageous to on occasion add a few drops of distilled water and/or Vallejo thinner.

This is probably a good warning for me to not buy a bottle of paint until I actually need it. Then again, my one (known) local supplier of VGC isn't open at 0300. :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vallejo Color Charts

These are links to the color chart PDFs on the Vallejo website.

The Old CItadel Color paint sets

Many moons ago, Citadel Colour™ paints were sold in sets of nine bottles of paint or ink, except for the Metallic Paint Set, which contained only 6 bottles of various colors of metallic paints. In total, there were 7 sets of paints and one set of inks. The Space Marine Paint Set set also came with a small painting guide.
These sets began being released in the mid-late 1980's and were discontinued in the early-mid 1990's. Many of the colors no longer exist, or have been renamed, in the current Citadel Colour™ range. 
I do not have a conversion chart for the current range, or any other range of paints.
  1. Skull White
  2. Chaos Black
  3. Blood Red
  4. Bronzed Flesh
  5. Woodland Green
  6. Enchanted Blue
  7. Sunburst Yellow
  8. Mithril Silver
  9. Shining Gold
  1. Rotting Flesh
  2. Goblin Green
  3. Elf Grey
  4. Worm Purple
  5. Hobgoblin Orange
  6. Orc Brown
  7. Spearstaff Brown
  8. Swamp Brown
  9. Chainmail
  1. Brazen Brass
  2. Bilious Green
  3. Ghoul Grey
  4. Bestial Brown
  5. Electric Blue
  6. Red Gore
  7. Imperial Purple
  8. Moody Blue
  9. Titillating Pink
  1. Red Ink
  2. Orange Ink
  3. Yellow Ink
  4. Green Ink
  5. Blue Ink
  6. Purple Ink
  7. Brown Ink
  8. Chestnut Ink
  9. Black Ink
  1. Bolt Gun Metal
  2. Salamander Green
  3. Salamander Black
  4. Ultramarine
  5. Marine Dark Blue
  6. Space Wolf Grey
  7. Blue Grey
  8. Blood Angel Orange
  9. Terracotta
  1. Tin Bitz
  2. Striking Scorpion Green
  3. Bad Moon Yellow
  4. Go Fasta Red
  5. Ork Flesh
  6. Snake-Bite Leather
  7. Fire Dragon Crimson
  8. Hawk Turquoise
  9. Bleached Bone
  1. Fire Orange
  2. Jungle Green
  3. Sulphur Desert Yellow
  4. Codex Grey
  5. Battle Green
  6. Horizon Blue
  7. Nightworld Blue
  8. Ash Waste Grey
  9. Imperial Strike Green
  1. Polished Blue
  2. Burnished Gold
  3. Dwarf Bronze
  4. Amethyst Purple
  5. Beaten Copper
  6. Glistening Green

All paint set box cover images, titles and paint names are owned, Registered ® and Copyrighted © by Games Workshop™. The content herein is provided only as reference material and is in no way meant to be portrayed as official content.

Taking the site down indefinitely

I'm in the process of taking LittleMetalMen.com offline for an indefinite period of time. I really want to put up a site that contains a decent amount of content, one that is worth your time to visit. It never has been and as long as I have owned the domain there's no reason - apart from my own lethargy - it should have been barren for so long.

It will be back online some day, but not for the foreseeable future due to work and actually getting back into painting in a big way. In the meantime, I'll be posting bits and pieces of info that are/were on the site in this blog. First up will be the Old Citadel Colour sets, which may be posted here at some point this week.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Still Alive

After yet another prolonged absence from all things LittleMetalMen.com, I make an appearance!

Site News

After over two years of inactivity, I have recently begun building a new Content Management System (CMS) for the site. This new CMS, as well as the eventual public facing site, is being built using a MVC framework. This should result in a more user-friendly (not to mention webmaster friendly)  experience once the site gets updated and unveiled. I'm not going to put a date on the unveiling at this point, as doing so in the past has had a tendency to bite me in the butt.

I will say that the bulk of the CMS is, for all intents and purposes, is completed. Just a few more things to add, which I hope will result in more content appearing on the site.

Painting News

Back in January I completed my first miniature in the better part of four years. Inspiration returned in the form of a model representing my character in a Pathfinder RPG campaign. The figure in question is Marius Burrowell from Reaper Miniatures. Once I dig the camera out I'll post a photo.

Over the past couple of weeks I've begun working on some Norman archers from Battlestandard Miniatures. These are miniatures I purchased eight years ago at Historicon and am just getting the motivation to work on! Isn't that pathetic?!?

These Normans will initially see action using the SAGA rules from Gripping Beast before eventually being used in Scarab's War & Conquest game, and possibly other historical rulesets.

Once the archers are completed crossbowmen, infantry, and mounted & dismounted knights await. A good number of these are also Battlestandard sculpts, but I will also be adding some of the Conquest Games plastic Normans into the mix.

That's all for now. Once I relearn how to use my camera I'll post some photos.