Monday, September 5, 2022

Obligatory Three Year Post

 I'm finally starting to get back into the world of miniatures after a few years down in the dumps. I'm looking into a few different rules with Triumph! and the Impetus variants currently leading the way for rules with a broad historical focus.

Nevermind the Billhooks and Test of Resolve are leading the pack for my eventual delving into the Wars of the Roses.

80mm width bases have been ordered for my 28mm Norse-Gael and Viking armies. These will be for use with the Triumph! rules. I'll need to order some 120mm bases for the Impetus rules.

Hopefully, I'll get back to working on some models soon. I'm close to having a workshop set up and once I've got that to the point where I deem it useful I'll get back to work assembling and painting.


StuRat said...

What you need are 'L' shaped bases with a front rank of 80mm and a second rank half that 40mm to one side. Then flip a second base around so its front rank is the 40mm section and the back 80mm. Then you can have 3-rank 80mm frontage Triumph units and 2-rank 120mm Impetus units.




I did this 25-30 years ago for some medieval cavalry units to show when they were in "wedge" formation.

WPRII said...

Thanks for that info. I'll look into those.